Friday, January 16, 2009

hey you guys look I'm blogging no hands.

Howdy! (i'm bringin howdy back)

This, my first entry, is a white flag waved to all my friends and family who say on a fairly regular basis, "Oh, you should blog that.". Flattery, as they know, will get them everywhere and it has hurled me into this uncharted expanse that is the BLOGGUSPHERE.  Perhaps it is because I'm too opinionated and need an outlet, too loud and need to simma-down, or too vulgar and have been asked to "PLEASE LEAVE SIR!" This bag of bull#%$* blog might prove to be much safer for me and a welcome respite for those who know me.  I love to speak and compose written word. I feel passionately about many subjects and will apologize in advance for being a food critic one day, consumer advocate another, and fashion and design editor on still yet another. 
This week: 
George Petrelli's steakhouse in Culver City, California 
  • Finally a bartender that uses the "bigger jigger". Stiff drinks all around people.
  • The food was exceptional. Particularly the swordfish. Hats off to their seafood in general.
  • Spumoni on the desert menu.(blast from the past)
  • The service was great.
Adele......................................... The voice of an angel.

Lazy, apathetic, and sub-standard customer service.
  • Ralph's grocery store at Sepulveda and Venice. Bad attitudes.
  • 80 year old asian lady came to customer service because she could not find her car in the parking lot. 5 employees stood around saying "outside security does that. Go out there.". Finally a gentleman who was off duty in plain clothes begrudgingly escorted her out. Please forgive them lord for they know not that they'll burn for it.
"They call them mor-ons because they need to be taught a less-on."

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  1. Brilliant, FGM! I shall build a birdcage and sit and swing and talk to you all day :) ***Hearts*** Nic